Some comments about Geoff Muldaur

"Bob Dylan didn't want to be Woody Guthrie. He wanted to be Geoff Muldaur. Geoff was the Big Man On Campus. He still is." -- Van Dyke Parks

"There are only three white blues singers -- Geoff Muldaur is at least two of them." -- Richard Thompson

"Geoff has always been one of my favorite singers." -- Bonnie Raitt

"Someone I've always admired from afar." -- John Cale

"Hearing his new record reminds me of why I fell for this guy in the first place. This album is long overdue and I've never heard him sound better." -- Maria Muldaur

"Geoff Muldaur was and is one of my musical heroes. When I listen to him sing and play, I can hear the coal mine, the cotton field, and last, but certainly foremost, the boy's boarding school." -- Loudon Wainwright III

"I was immediately taken with Geoff Muldaur's rich soulful voice, masterful phrasing and guitar playing when I first heard him." -- Lucinda Williams

"Geoff is not only one of my favorite musicians, but one of my favorite people." -- Bobby Charles.

"[Geoff's] the female Carolyn Hester." -- Bob Dylan

"One of the few white men who should own a guitar. A great crooner...and cute too." -- Martin Mull

"The Lovin Spoonful's favorite singer went and got better." -- John Sebastian

"Geoff has a voice like nobody else. When he sings you just have to listen. He has a way with a song that makes you wish it would never end. The combination of Geoff's amazing voice and the way he wraps it around a song makes his music irresistible." -- Tom Rush

"Mole is always great, but in the last few years he's really come into his own." -- Dave Von Ronk

"His high, tremulous voice and funky sensibilities have inspired...serious players who translated the results to their audiences. One of the living masters of American home-grown music..." -- Peter Coyote